Fan Milk Limited was founded by Danish entrepreneur Erik Emborg. As a young man, Erik trained in the shipping company J. Lauritzen in Esbjerg, Denmark. Shortly afterwards, he went to Scotland and England to further his education. Before the start of the Second World War, Erik was stationed in Poland. As time went on, he was employed by Viggo Ostergaard, a Danish company that exported pig feet to overseas markets, including the Gold Coast. This was around the time when Ghana became the first country in Sub-saharan Africa to attain political independence from colonial rule.

During the late 1950s, Erik was shuttling between Denmark and Brazil in the interest of his brewery business. During those trips, he frequently made stopovers in Senegal. During one stopover, Erik veered into the Gold Coast from Dakar to look for traders who were buying pig feet, so that he might sell directly to them. Having found them, he realised that he needed to set up a cold storage facility, but the cost implications were quite substantial. Read more